We are a full service mobile pet salon! Our vehicle enables us to groom and bathe your pet in the comfort of your own driveway! Your dog will love it!

“Bentley is our 4 year old golden doodle. He has been groomed by a few different groomers, none of which would ever give him a cute haircut, until we found Katie!! She gave him the perfect cut and he really loves her.”

Kristen Bourgeois

“Stefanie has been coming to our house to groom Bengie, our 7 year old multi-poo, for the last 4 years. Before we found her, Bengie would have to be sedated for every groom because he was so scared. Stefanie has spent so much time with Bengie to make him feel comfortable and he is able to be groomed every 6 weeks with no sedation or problems at all!! He absolutely loves her! She is so loving and patient with him and I am so thankful to have found her!!”


“Whiskers On Wheels is defined by one phrase: QUALITY SERVICE! I’m extremely hard to satisfy and Stefanie’s nailed it when it comes to service. She’s very prompt, professional, and obviously has a passion for her work. I was so tired of the ‘big box’ pet stores’ treatment of my dog, Nola. Whiskers on Wheels eliminates a round trip, saving gas, time, and the six to eight hour wait for my dog’s grooming. No more, “cage, wash, cage, trim, cage, dry, cage, brush out, cashier” routine; and my poor dog having to pee during all that time. Stefanie shows up, lulls my Nola with sweet talk and song, right in my driveway! I cut the lawn, while she puts the “yowza” in my Schnauzer in only an hour! Even though Stefanie’s a “Yankee” from PA, I deem her an honorary “New Orleanian”. She’s so darn friendly and down to earth…..Whiskers On Wheels has my business for LIFE! I prefer supporting a young lady with the “moxy” to start her own business and will continue to do so. HIGHLY recommended by a picky guy!! Congratulations, Stefanie”

David Molaison

“My dogs are eleven years old and I am the only person to have ever groomed them, so I was a little afraid to let a stranger in a van groom them! After talking with the owner on the phone, I felt much better about it as I could tell she was a “dog person” too. They were running a little late that day, but was considerate enough to call me and let me know(which is rare these days) A very nice lady and man arrived and were very gentle with my two dogs and talked to them to make them comfortable. My dogs warmed up unusually quickly and even jumped into the van by themselves! They were very detailed oriented and did a very thorough job. I could not be more pleased with everything. I think this is a great idea, and it’s especially convenient for those who can’t or don’t have the time to deliver and pickup their pets across town to a groomer. I highly recommend Whiskers on Wheels!”